Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Positive Affirmations on Love after a Breakup or Divorce

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positive affirmations for love

About a year after my divorce, I spent 30 days using the Lemonade Mantras process to work through my negative thinking, anger, shame, and fear to write positive affirmations.

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Below are the personal mantras or positive affirmations I've written about love and loss:

Love grows by moving forward.
Love rides the break of my wave.
I shed a little more each day.
Rejection is the return trip.
Past mistakes are roots to bliss.
Souls meet in between words.
Love loves me.
Happiness touches me.
We are knitted together in sameness.
Love unfetters our hearts.
My heart lightens the divine whole.

I don't say these mantras every day nor do I cling to them. For me they represent a process I went through to examine my thinking and make peace with what I found there. Periodically, I go back and read these affirmations like you would a favorite poem, and the memory contained within the words acts as a sort of metronome getting me back in sync with my heart.

If you've suffered the loss of a love relationship through a breakup, separation, divorce, or perhaps even death and you want to learn how to write your own personalized positive affirmations that re-script your thinking, you can download my free ebook Lemonade Mantras by clicking here.

Here is the complete list of my 30 day exploration into writing positive affirmations concerning my divorce and the loss of love:
  1. Symbols are the words beneath my silence.
  2. The future cares beyond fathomable measure.
  3. Preserve the longing where you long to serve.
  4. My living river flows on top of the future.
  5. Life requires that we change places.
  6. The river of consciousness flows by giving forward.
  7. I’m here to learn love and loss.
  8. Dark places are creative spaces.
  9. Let up and uplift.
  10. Dream play is your only work.
  11. Center is your leading edge. 
  12. Intention rearranges the habits of your heart.
  13. Your soul is the sun. 
  14. Far away minds are tucked inside happy hearts.
  15. Life is a long string of chosen observations.
  16. Love rides the break of your wave.
  17. Acceptance digs spontaneity.
  18. Fill up on life is your universal pact.
  19. Marriage was the hand on my cage that set me free.
  20. I am a blaze of hopeful particles, mapping my destination.
  21. Being empty attracts the perfect filling.
  22. My steps leave clouds of stardust.
  23. Refresh my screensaver life.
  24. Shelve questions and live answers.
  25. Crossroads bring waves of destiny.
  26. Souls meet in between words.
  27. Take away all knowing you find yourself anew
  28. Satisfaction surrenders to every new beginning.
  29. Truth telling is a stain remover.
  30. Inside outside is all sides.
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