Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Breakup or Divorce: The Cosmic Alarm Clock

breakup divorce beth hemmila alarm clock awareness waking up

The way I see it, certain incidents are like cosmic alarm clocks, you know? They jolt us into awareness. "Wake up!' they scream. 'The time is ripe for your job karma to change!" We ignore such moments at our peril.
- Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay, The First Rule of Ten

I read this quote the other day and realized that a breakup or divorce can be a bit like a wake up call. Maybe before the breakup happened you weren't paying too much attention, but if you let it, the loss of a relationship can bring intense focus to your life.

Just like the harsh shrill of an alarm clock going off at 5:00 am, you might feel some discomfort at first, but gradually some of it gets easier. You will have opportunities to make new decisions, change directions, learn different skills, and deepen your understanding of love.