Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Life Path of My Ex is None of My Karma Business

The Life Path of my Ex is None of My Karma Business by Beth Hemmila of the Breakup Care Package

After a breakup or divorce there may be a couple of reasons that you might not want to let go of your previous relationship and stay stuck in the past:

  1. Remaining attached to your past love holds you back from your life path because you're afraid of what the future entails.
  2. By staying tied to your former partner you subtly prevent him or her from following their own life path because you're afraid of the loss of love.

I believe we are born into this life with a life path that holds important lessons for each of us, which some people call karma.

We don't know who are ex-partners are suppose to meet to help learn these lessons or what are they are suppose to be doing. We could actually be in the way of our ex-partners becoming more enlightened beings. Our presence could be preventing them from traveling their path. More importantly, we may be in our own way and distracting ourselves from the path set for us.

So in letting go of your past relationship, you may have to acknowledge that what's happening in your ex's life right now might not be any of your karma business. Your ex has work to do that doesn't involve you anymore. Your karma lessons with them might be complete, and it's time for you to move on to learn more and unravel more karmic knots in your own life, as they are doing in theirs.