Beth & Divorce Care Package

Divorce (verb)

To separate

One of the meanings of the word “divorce” is to separate. If you look deeper, you will discover that the origin of “divorce” comes from the Latin word divortium (separation), which is also related to divertere (to divert).

In our culture, the word “divorce” has many negative associations and conjures up all sorts of painful feelings and imagery. If you take the word “divorce” out of the cultural context of marriage and the loss of love, where many taboos and fears reside, maybe you will see that you and your partner are choosing to divert your energy elsewhere.

Where before you focused your energy within the boundaries of relationship, perhaps now divorce symbolizes your desire to move your energy outward – an important step in human development and growth. Divorce could be your way of becoming more interconnected with the whole of life.

About Beth

In 2011, my husband and I divorced after seven years of marriage. We didn’t have kids to disagree over or major assets to defend, so within five months we finalized our divorce. More importantly, within a year of separating both he and I began healing our friendship and individually developing more happiness in our lives.

I credit the amazing gift of wisdom, love, and peace that came out of my divorce to many of the ideas I’ve included in this book – none of which are my own but are from cherished teachers I’ve met along the way.

Everyone’s divorce experience is different; however, I put this book together in the spirit of a care package, thinking that no matter your circumstances you may find something in here that brings comfort and peace on your journey.

Divorce is growth. It’s a catalyst for bringing change into your life. Some of these changes are scary while others can feel very exciting. There are tools in this book that teach you how to surrender your past as well as concepts that help you grow into your future.

Though I put this package of ideas together thinking about all forms of marriage and divorce, truly this is a book about rebuilding your life after the loss of an intimate relationship no matter if there is a legal contract or not. In this regard, many of the activities can be used to heal after the breakup of a committed relationship, domestic partnership, civil union, common-law marriage or perhaps even the death of a beloved partner.

I wish you peace and insight as you embark on your path of self-discovery.

In love and light,